How I currently organize my life

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Hi everyone! So up until mid March I was using my iPhone calendar as a planner. It has worked great even now, but I wanted to find a place to jot down all the meals that I would be cooking for the week, shopping lists and more. I found this amazing print-out online at and that’s what I’ve been using ever since! It’s awesome and so colorfully cute! This planner has literally saved me. Here’s a link to it!

Home Management Binder – FREE Printables

As far as my cooking schedule…Now that I’ve got every meal of everyday of the week written down, I don’t struggle trying to figure out what to cook when the time comes. And even if I don’t cook the meal that I had written down for that day because I don’t have the ingredients, all I have to do is look at another day’s meal that includes ingredients that I do have and cook that! That right there is priceless! Then I just write down the things I was missing in the Grocery List it comes with and take that with me on my next grocery run.

I still use my iPhone calendar as a back-up, but this Home Management Binder is my go-to-planner everyday! I hope this is useful for all of you! It most definitely was for me! Share with me what you use to organize your life. I know it can be hectic being a mommy, but I would like to hear your ideas on organization! Well thanks for stopping by!

Jenni C.




At-Home Newborn Photo Session


Hi everyone! As I’m sure not many of you know, I used to do some photography work on the side. I worked with Portraits, Maternity, Smash-Cakes, Quinceañeras, Engagements and Weddings. I wasn’t getting much work in my later days and it sorta died out. I still have my camera and some equipment that I kept. I was looking at some YouTube videos yesterday on how to photograph a newborn at home. All the tutorials said that the best time to photograph a newborn was between 5 and 10 days! My daughter is almost 3 weeks old, but I really wanted to at least attempt to take them. She doesn’t have many “deep sleeps” during the day so I knew it would be a challenge. So I set up my room and took some photos. She looked adorable.

Here’s how I did it! I ran 2 heaters to make my baby nice and warm even with only a diaper. I grabbed a boppy pillow and set it on the bed. I set a large cardboard box on my bed and leaned it on the wall. 08I took a white blanket and stretched that over the bed on top of the boppy pillow and pulled up over the box. Next I put my baby on top of the boppy pillow and posed her and kept my hands on her until she fell asleep. My husband grabbed the diffused light and turned it on and I took the pictures. It took us about 30 minutes which I thought it was not bad considering it was the first time I do these types of photos. And we pretty much ended up in sweat because of the heaters lol!

My husband took a small video of the ordeal and I’ve linked it for you all to see! Have you ever tried to take “at-home” pictures? Please tell me how it went! Thanks for stopping by!

Jenni C.


Fitting in date-night


With everything going on with housework, bible studies, kid activities, diaper changes etc.. my husband and I could not find time for date-night. He works full-time so any little time I get with him is great to have. And I mean alone time (no kids).

We got to talking and I came up with a great idea to fit it in! My sister is literally my next door neighbor. Babysitting is always an issue for us, as I’m sure most of you can relate. I don’t just leave my kids with anyone. So I decided to ask my sister if she wanted my husband and I to babysit for her and her husband once every 2 weeks so that they could have their date-night. And then they could do the same for us! Our kids get along great so it was an easy idea!

So date-nights began and I was really excited! It was working out great. Eventually it stopped because not only did I get pregnant, but other things happened that just didn’t allow it. Now that I have my 2 week old at home and my other 2 kids, I’m recovering and getting the hang of life again…lol. So I will mention this to my sister again when I’m feeling better. I definitely recommend it! Please share with me any ideas on how you fit in “date-night”! I would love to hear them! Thanks for stopping by!

Jenni C.

OOTD 16 days postpartum!


Hi everyone, well ever since I had my daughter (16 days ago!) I have not really dressed up, but today I decided that even if I didn’t really have a place or event to go to, that I would dress up. Not only for me, but for the hubbs too! I’ve been running around the house in tank tops and pants all day basically. Anyway, here’s the outfit that I put together. The top I’ve had for a while so I honestly don’t remember where I bought it. The white jeans and nude flats are from Target. The sunglasses are from NY&Co and the wristlet is from ALDO. My lipstick is from Avon and my ring is from Khols. The necklace is from Forever 21 and I bought it a long time ago. Let me know if you like it! Share with me your blogs or photos of your OOTDs! Thanks for stopping by!

Jenni C.

Products I love!

AveenoFaceWipesSo I wanted to take some time to share with you a couple of products that I use pretty much every day. They are amazing and I 100% recommend them! The first one is the Aveeno Ultra Cleansing make-up remover face wipes. I discovered these recently after I tried a number of make-up removing wipes and liquid removers. The thing I didn’t like about the products I tried first was that I needed 2 different products to completely take off all my make-up. So I needed one product to remove my foundation and another one to remove my mascara. When I came across these Aveeno wipes I knew I would never need a different product. These are all you need to remove ALL your make-up (eyes included)!! Also they smell delicious and you don’t need to rinse or moisturize after you use them, which for me is a big deal because I have very dry skin so usually I would need to moisturize after cleansing my face! Anyway, they are pretty awesome!

The second product is the Mary Kay Time-Wise liquid foundation. I loveimg_0246.jpg this product because I have the option of getting the “Luminous Wear”, which is catered to dry-skin customers (ME!). So every time that I wear it I get that natural glow. Not a greasy look! The coverage is medium so I use this almost on a daily basis (I don’t wear make-up everyday). It’s definitely not the coverage you need for blemishes and red spots, but if you’re going for that natural look I would definitely recommend it! Well I hope I gave good insight onto these products. Just so you all know, this is not a sponsored review, I genuinely love and use these 2 products! So now you tell me what products you enjoy using on a daily basis?! Let me know also if you end up trying these 2 faves of mine! Thanks for stopping by!

Jenni C.





Proverbs 3.5 NIV

Now that I’m home with child, I’m beginning to feel physically better, but emotionally my hormones are all over the place. These are the times when I rely on God. I rely on his promises and his love to get me through. Emotions can be deceitful and without faith there is no way for me to see past them. I’m very blessed to be able to be home with my kids, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Faith is how I cope and today this verse has been shedding light into my heart. Emotions will not get the best of me! Just wanted to share it with you. Now you tell me, what gets you through the tough days? How do you cope with the difficulties of life? Thanks for stopping by!

Jenni C.

2 weeks postpartum

Me Paulette

I haven’t recently updated you all on what’s been going on in my life. So let me do that now! Exactly 2 weeks ago I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Paulette. I’ve given birth before so I thought I knew what I was in for, but in reality it was very different. Push time was faster, but the recovery has been taking longer than it did my first time. I’m exclusively breastfeeding and that has taken about 70 percent of my time. I love to be able to provide for my baby in that way, but at the same time feel exhausted with the time that I have to spend in my room feeding her. I’m still adjusting, but I was blessed to have my health insurance cover a Medela Pump. Those of you who know about breast pumps know that Medela is an amazing brand. Anyway, I’ve decided to begin pumping meanwhile still breastfeeding my daughter. I want to eventually get to the point where I can bottle feed the breast milk to my baby. That way I’m not confined to my room or wherever to feed my child. My husband is home for a month so it’s been nice, but I’m still trying to figure out my rhythm here at home. With everything that needs to get done around the house, my toddler and my 10 year old running around, my newborn’s eating demands and more,  there’s little time to have to myself. I’m making the time, though. Every little bit counts! All you new mommies out there, share below how you’re coping with the changes of not only motherhood, but time constraints and things like that. Thank you all for stopping by!

Jenni C.

My First Post

Paulette 12

Hi everyone! Well as you can see by the title of this post, this is my first post ever on this blog. I’m a 28 year old mommy of 2, pregnant with my 3rd (about to pop). I’ve been married to a Godly man for 6 years now and I stay home with the kids as he works hard to make it happen for us. I’m really excited to begin this blogging journey with you all and as I am a stay at home mom trying to balance it all, like many of you, I want to share that journey with you. Not only that, but in the process I hope we can connect and share tips (and more) about being sahms, or simply moms. I am no expert of a mommy, if anything I am far from it, but I’m willing to experience it and share it with you all.  I will be posting 2-3 times a week or more, depending on how busy I am. I feel like this will push me to have some sort of constant motivation. I wanted something to call my own (besides my kids and hubby lol). Alright well I guess that’s all for today. Please share with me your blogs by adding links to them in the comments and let me know what your motivation was to begin one. Also any tips you may have for me since I’m a newbie!
xoxo Jenni C