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How My 11 year old is Paying for 6th Grade Camp : Fundraising Ideas

October 18, 2017


So here I am, trying to fathom how 6th grade camp costs $230.00!!! Forget that! When did my daughter get so big?! (..tears)

I absolutely believe that Violeta, my 11 year old, should go. I feel like it’s an experience she needs to live and look back at in years to come as a wonderful, fun, educational experience. Yet all I can think of is what I could do with $230.. not sure if that’s a bad thing, but honestly it seems like too much money. Violeta came to me asking if we were going to buy the chocolates to fundraise for camp. And guess how much the chocolate box was? $30! I was like, NOPE! I’m not buying those chocolates. I mean I didn’t say it like that, of course, but that’s definitely how it sounded in my head lol. So I told Violeta to bring a pen and paper so we could brainstorm ideas to do our own fundraising. This would entitle her to do some work and she was fine with that (she didn’t really have a choice lol)

So we came up with these services:

1. Car wash

2. Garage Sale

3. Babysitting

4. Personalized decorative wooden signs

5. Personal assistant

6. Dog walking

7. Foot Massages (family only)


**And please keep in mind that all these are being supervised, if not assisted, by me!**

So Violeta made a finalized list with all the prices and we sent the image to all her aunts and uncles and needless to say, they supported the cause and she was booked for the coming two weeks! It definitely takes more effort, but I know it’s teaching her to understand working hard pays off. She’s also being taught responsibility, following through, and reliability, to name a few. I absolutely recommend this way of fundraising. It’s not the easy way, but  I got to spend time with Violeta while we washed cars and walked dogs (not to mention I’m saving some money along the way!). To date, she’s made $100! That’s pretty impressive! Can I remind you that she’s 11?!! I’m definitely bragging, but I’m just having a proud momma moment right now. Payment in full for the camp is due at the end of October, so we have a little bit more money to raise, but I cannot tell you how hopeful and proud I am of her. She’s the girl that prefers to watch “Shark Tank” over movies, or cartoons! I’m telling you, my princess is going to do great things in this life!

I hope you ladies find these ideas ideas helpful and if you use them, please let me know, i’d love to hear how it went!

Much Love,



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