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How My Husband and I Met and Reconnected

February 21, 2018

So in light of February and all things love going around, I thought I’d share with you my personal love story with my husband, Derick. We both met when we were in high school. We had a mutual friend, Julieta, and Derick wanted to meet me. According to him, he said that he thought I was super pretty and he loved my long black straight hair (flat ironed, of course lol). Our friend Julieta asked him if he wanted her to introduce us and he told her that he’d prefer to figure out a way to meet me. So, rewind to the 90s when Incubus was every young girl’s favorite band, I used to take the bus home and had a magazine cut-out of Brandon Boyd, the Incubus singer, on the front plastic of my white 3-ring binder. Well guess who else would take the bus home? Yes, Derick. So one day on the bus he asked me if I liked Incubus and started a conversation with me that way. We talked all the way to the trolley station. So after that, we became friends. I was maybe 16 years old and he was 17. We started hanging out with our mutual friend, Julieta, every once in a while and got to know each other more. We were attracted to each other, but for whatever reason nothing really happened and we stayed friends. I started dating someone else for a few years and I remember hearing from one of my friends that Derick became a dad to a little girl in 2006, and honestly I didn’t think anything of it. Just kind of one of those things that you remember, but doesn’t really impact you. Ultimately things did not work out with my boyfriend so I was single for a little while.  During this time, I started going to church and gave my life to Christ!

Then one day, I logged into my MSN Messenger account (old school, I know!), where I had Derick as a contact, and he sent me a message! It was weird because we never chatted, but we were on good terms, from what I remembered, so I replied. He told me some old mutual friends from High School were going to meet up at a local Starbucks and invited me. I was definitely up for it so when the day came, I went. It was literally Derick, myself and one other guy! NO GIRLS! I was already there so I was not about to leave right away lol! We chatted for a little while and then it was time to go. We did exchange numbers, but I was not about to call him. If anything was going to happen, he would need to call me first lol. Life went on for a couple of days and then he called me and we talked for a little while. Now, remember, there was attraction back in high school, and my husband’s a very handsome man!  We talked a few other times, but one phone call in particular is when it all shifted. I was carpooling to church with a friend and we stopped by Costco. My cell phone rang and it was Derick, so I answered and we started talking. Up to this point I hadn’t mentioned how I was going to church and become Christian. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was at Costco, but on my way to church after that. He was so surprised and asked me what church and what beliefs, so I told him. He then mentioned to me that he, too, was attending a Christian church in Tijuana and was a Christian! I WAS SO SHOCKED! I mean, he would be the last person I’d think of going to church! I didn’t want to be judgmental, but I couldn’t help myself. My heart jumped when I heard these news! I was very happy because by this point we were talking constantly and there was some attraction, but I debated on my relationship with him because I wanted to be with a Christian man and, to my knowledge, he was not. Knowing this information changed everything!

This is when we really started hanging out and spending more time together. One day in March, we went out on a date, then we drove to a park and he finally asked me if I wanted to make it official and be his girlfriend, and I said yes! We were officially dating! We dated for a little over a year, but about 8 months into the relationship we started talking about marriage.  He took me out to lunch on a beautiful sunny July afternoon and then we walked to Coronado Beach and he proposed to me on the rocks facing the water and beautiful sundown!  We got married on March 6, 2010 down in Tijuana, MX. We are now approaching our 7 year anniversary! How crazy is that?! We’ve had our ups and down, but with God in the center of everything and before everything, we have a strong marriage and bond. I love my husband and the family we have together! So there you have it! Our little story <3

Did ya’ll marry your high school sweetheart or meet someone after high school?!

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