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How To Make The School Week Mornings Bearable

November 8, 2017


Alright, so the school week can be very hectic in general, and for me, the way I start (and end) my morning pretty much depicts the way my day goes. Now when it goes bad, I try to keep it together until the end of the day, but I gotta tell you, it’s not that easy. It can be very stressful to get 3 kids out the door in the morning. 2 ready for school and one diaper-changed and out the door. I’ve managed to get a nighttime routine down with the kids that has been working 90 percent of the time and thanks to this I came up with 5 tips on how I make my school week morning rush bearable. I wanted to share these with you because I’m sure they’ll come in handy to some of you new moms, or even seasoned moms, out there, just as they have for me. I feel like as a mom I am no expert and I learn as I go, but it’s my duty to share my experiences with other moms out there and the things (tips) that make this parenting journey easier. We all know that there’s no manual for becoming a parent and even if there were one, it’d be outdated by the month! Anyway ladies, here are my tips and I truly hope you find at least one of them helpful in some way!

Tip #1: Prepare the kids outfits / uniforms and backpacks the night before

This has been a game changer for me. When the school year started I used to pick out my son’s outfit in the morning and ask my daughter to get her backpack together in the morning! I mean, what was I thinking?!! I really had no idea how much time I was wasting by NOT doing this the night before!


Tip #2: Clean house (or at least tidy up) the night before

Yes this is similar to my first tip, but essentially a whole other task in itself. This reduces the clutter at sight, and gives me a sense of clarity in the morning. It helps me to feel like “one less thing” needs to get done the next day. Also, walking out of my bedroom and not seeing all the sofa pillows on the ground in the morning makes me feel good!


Tip #3: Wake up 45 minutes before you wake up the kids

This allows you time for you. I normally wake up and check the weather on my phone, I sit up and stretch, say a prayer, then I put on my robe, wash my face and go wake the kids up. This little bit of time to myself helps me to relax and REALLY wake up! Of course it doesn’t always go this way. Sometimes my son wakes up before me, or I didn’t sleep well or whatever happens, but this is what I strive for every morning.


Tip #4: Play Jazz or other calm music in the background

After I wake up the kids I come back to my room and play YouTube on my computer. I just search “Happy Morning Jazz” or something to that effect and play it. This little jingle in the background helps me shimmy my shoulders every few minutes (haha) and just have a happy little dance going on throughout the morning. The kids also enjoy it and nowadays I can’t turn on the radio without hearing profanity, so for me I prefer to have the kids hear this in the mornings instead of radio stations.


Tip #5: Make your coffee!

I’m sure you’re probably thinking.. “Isn’t this a given?”, but it’s not! The first few weeks of the school year I was sorta lost in the madness of all the things that needed to get done that I completely forgot to get my coffee prepped! Yes, it’s true! Now I make sure that my Keurig is running while I am too haha. I walk my kids to school, so once the kids are on the couch ready to go all I have to do is add my creamer and VAMONOS! (Let’s Go!) I don’t have breakfast until after I drop off the kids at school, but I take my hot coffee mug and drink my caffeine as I walk the kids to school. I love it because it’s chill in the morning and this keeps me warm and gives my energy level the boost it needs!



So there you have it, these are my realest tips for getting through the school week mornings. I really do this about 90 percent of my mornings. I hope these tips came in handy for some of you moms out there and I’d love to hear how you all make getting out the door easier than not, so go ahead and share with me in the comments and thank you for stopping by!


Much Love,


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  1. Coffee and music def are required. Gives you the pick me up needed. I always say my nights are the busiest part of my day as I am trying to cram everything in. Great post!

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