My Mommy Self-Care Tips

January 2, 2018

Hi ladies! Hope the new year is treating you nicely! So….you all can agree with me when I say that life is hectic as it is being a mom. I’m not only a mom of 3, but I’m also a wife with a part time job, a blogger, YouTuber and an active church member. So yes, I can agree with myself and say that life is HECTIC! Now add on the Christmas season! It just gets that much busier, amiright? As much as I would love to go to a spa weekly or even daily (dreaming here), that’s far from my reality so I’ve found 5 ways to give myself some self-care and I want to share them with you. I feel like we need to hear these tips from each other, ladies! Sometimes I block myself to trying new ways to relax and take care of me that it is not until I speak with other moms about it that I realize that there are more ways out there to accomplish that. So here they are!

1. Rest

Okay, this may seem like an obvious one and I know it may not always be easy with kids around, but seriously I have found that when I rest adequately I am a better person! I am more loving, I pay more attention, I’m not easily bothered by little things, I have more patience because I’m actively thinking that I should depend more on the Lord’s guidance throughout the day, which brings me to my next Tip.

2. Make time for the Lord

Praying is a fundamental choice for me. If I don’t pray at night before bed, or read my bible, I always have a feeling that something is missing. Sometimes I will take time to pray during the day. I don’t always get the opportunity, but something about looking out my window to a sunny day really inspires me to thank God for a beautiful life.

3. Have a fulfilling healthy breakfast to start off your day

Yes ladies! I know some moms out there that run on just coffee and toast for the good part of their morning because they’re so busy getting breakfast for their kids and getting them out the door for school. I know. I used to be that mom and I always ended up crashing by 11am and realizing that I had not had breakfast yet! Get up 5 minutes earlier to get the water boiling for some oatmeal, or cut up some fresh fruit and toast. Something that will energize you and get you through the morning.

4. Read a book

I’ve never been a “reader” type of person (if that even makes sense lol). The only times I used to read were when I read the bible or if I was in Bible Study and had to read our study guide. Other than that it was articles here and there, but as far as books, not really. I figured I’d give it a try because every time I’d take my son to soccer practice I realized that I had some time while he practiced. So I went to the Dollar Store one time and got myself a book and took it with me to my son’s next soccer practice and just started reading. So I’d watch the first 20 minutes of his practice and the remainder of the time I would read my book. I loved being able to have that time to myself and knowing that I wasn’t taking time away from anyone else.

5. Have a night time routine

What I do after I put the kids to sleep, needles to say this is not something I do every night, I go in the restroom and play either some cafe music, or play a youtube video and then I light a candle. I remove my make up, wash my face, pluck any unwanted eyebrow hair, put my night time toner on and walla! Other nights I just play music and get in the shower and just breathe in the steam. Since the kids are sleeping there are no interruptions!


So there they are, so super simple, yet important in their own ways. They’ve been essential in my journey as a mother and I hope that they will open up some you ladies to trying new ideas and ways to care for yourself. Thank you so much for coming, I always appreciate it! And if you have any ideas I should try let me know in the comments down below! See you soon!


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