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My Valentine’s Day Gift Guide On A Budget

February 7, 2018

February is here! Which means all things love will be going around on morning shows and on all social media platforms. Where I live I know there will be stands on corners of many street intersections with teddybears and red heart balloons! We all know about fast food, right?! Well, how much more convenient can it be to be running late to your Valentine’s Day date and not have a gift? Well here in San Diego, you stop at a red light and boom! Just roll down your window, pick a teddy bear, pay with cash and you’re on your way! HAHAHA.. Okay, okay, I’m not really a fan of last minute gifting on special days, but I just wanted to poke a little fun lol! Back to the good stuff. If you’re like me, you try to stay within a reasonable budget for a Valentine’s Day gift. I did some research for you guys and came up with a cute gift guide for gifts that are under $25 each! How cool is that? Super affordable, and super cute! Scroll down and take a look! Everything is linked down below as well ūüôā

* Some items may be sold out, but similar ones are linked below

Pillow (For the interior decorator) | Wristlet (For the minimalist, yet bold) | Candle (For the candle enthusiast) | His/Hers Mug Set (For the romantic) | Lipstick Set (For the make-up artist) | Purple Throw (For the work-at-home) | Heart Shaped Sunnies (For the fashionista) | Cupcake Apron (For the baker) | Purple Earrings (For the jewelry enthusiast) | Gold Slippers (For the stay-at-home) | Gray Long Sleeve T-shirt PJ (For the late sleeper) | Mini Perfume (For anyone!)

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