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SuperMOM Spotlight – January

January 17, 2018


Hi everybody! Today I’m very excited to continue on with my Monthly post series I started back in November! It was on hold because on my blog relaunch, but now it’s back! Welcome to SuperMOM Spotlight! This month I want to talk about a wonderful and super nice mom, Karla. She’s a working mom currently in London, wife and has the cutest baby girl! We connected through a Facebook group and I’m so happy we crossed paths. Below is a little more about her. And here’s the link to her blog : www.karla-andrea.com – Go check out her blog and her instagram (@karla_andreaxo) as well. She also has a YouTube channel, so don’t hesitate to connect with her through there! Look below to get to know her a little more 🙂


Who calls you mom and how old are they?

Isabella and she is nearly 1 year old – still can’t believe it! We also have a dog – Oreo – who we consider our baby too but unfortunately does not call me mom! Haha.

What do you do?

I work part time as a Marketing Executive in London. I’m also a blogger over at www.karla-andrea.com and occasional YouTuber at www.youtube.com/user/karlaalovess. As a family we love going out for walks in the park and spending time with family. We love cooking at home and we’ve also learnt to sing along to Moana. When its bedtime you can find me snuggled up on the sofa with my husband Diego and a cup of tea. We also go to church on Sunday afternoons and Izzy loves the worship time!


What’s your blog’s URL?


What does a typical day look like for you?

I get up a bit before 7AM and give Izzy her first bottle, I then get her ready for nursery and make sure she’s good to go by 7:40 when my husband takes her. She’ll have breakfast on the go and take a nap – the journey is long. I leave by 8 and get to work around 8:30-ish and I leave at 4PM to go to central London and pick Izzy up from nursery. We’ll be home by 5:30, we’ll walk Oreo and get started on dinner. Izzy is sleeping by 7:30 and we can unwind! On my days off I make the most of staying in bed with her and playing with her, we take it easy on the days I’m home!

Any advice on how to “juggle it all”?

Apart from having lists, remain calm! On most days when I feel like I can’t do it anymore I try to remain calm and focus on the good of being able to experience motherhood and everything it brings! Take some time for yourself mama, you deserve it!

When was the first time you really felt like a mother?

The first few days of Isabella’s life were absolute bliss. There were so many aspects of it that made me feel like a mother.

What’s the hardest thing about being a mom?

I’m coming up to my first year as a mom and the hardest thing was seeing Isabella in pain. Especially with colic as a newborn, I felt so bad that I couldn’t do anything.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being a mom?

I think for me, its the love that she has for me. It’s seeing her be so sociable and smiling at everyone she sees. It’s seeing her grow and celebrating every milestone with her.

What’s the funniest/most shocking thing that has happened to you since you’ve become a mom?

If you’re a breastfeeding mom you’ll understand – the amount of times I would have to change my pyjamas tops and bed sheets because I would wake up with a river of breast milk. This caught me by surprise! Also, whenever I would pump my milk out my husband would play the Black Eyed Peas – Pump It song overtime! He caught me by surprise the first time I couldn’t stop laughing.

What has been your best baby product purchase so far and why?

I think it definitely has to be our pushchair. We have the Bugaboo Bee 3 and its perfect for city life, it’s been with Izzy from birth and will be with her until she’s 3! It’s super adaptable, so chic and easy to use.

What’s something new you have learned about yourself after becoming a mother?

That I am bigger than my flaws. Overall, motherhood has given me a confidence I never thought I could have.

What do you do to unwind/relax when you have some rare time to yourself?

Either take a shower or I’ll sit down with a cup of tea and watch a film or series.

What is your favorite outing, to date, with your little ones?

Izzy loves going for walks and the park, with a dog its inevitable so we have to do it. We used to go to a children’s centre near our old neighbourhood and she would play with other babies and the toys there.

What’s your favorite restaurant that you frequent with your family and in what city? Why do you dine out there?

We love Asian food and living in London we have a good selection. Sometimes we’ll go to China Town and enjoy some Dim Sum at the Golden Dragon. The food is nice but they’re also family friendly. We make sure that wherever we eat there’s a baby chaining facility and high chairs!

Pretend your best friend is pregnant and about to have a baby. What’s the most important piece of advice you would share about “motherhood”?

Don’t give up on yourself and ask for help if you need it. You can do this.


Thank you for allowing us to get to know you better Karla! You are super sweet and I hope to work with you more in the future!

As always, thank you all for stopping by and getting to know this amazing momma! Have an amazing day!


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