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I Turned 30 This Month

July 26, 2017


Hi everyone! Yes, you read the title right! I turned the big 3-0 this month, and I honestly could not feel better, not only about myself, but about my life and goals. Can I just say that I’ve never really had substantial goals in my life. This is something that I always knew in the back of my mind, but I never really talked about. Not having goals and aspirations in my life has been a shameful, unspoken secret of mine for as long as I can remember. If you ask someone that I know personally, like a family member, or even my husband, they would tell you that a normal pattern of mine is to start something and not finish it. This has been me my whole life! This year and month, though, things have shifted. I made the decision to seriously devote my spare time creating a brand for myself not only on my blog, but on YouTube and all social media platforms around. I’ve been working on this for about 2 months now and I’ve come up with goals FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! This is epic for me. Having real, substantial goals and aspirations for me is a HUGE deal! This is new for me and how I realize that it’s different this time around is because I’ve committed to work on it everyday, even if it’s 30 minutes, but everyday. I see the commitment flourishing slowly, but surely. I feel great about my financial future and the type of career path that I’ve chosen to take. I feel like I’m finally coming full circle with the woman that I’m meant to be on this earth. I have no idea if this has anything to do with the fact that I turned 30, which by the way does not scare me at all, but I do see a shift in the way I perceive my present and future life now.

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We’ve been pretty tight on money this month so a birthday party celebration was definitely not on our plans. I still did not want my 30th birthday to go unforgotten in history (as far as memories, photos, something haha), so I decided to have a mini photoshoot and here are the pictures that came out of that. I’m very grateful for the life I’ve had, ups and downs and all, and here are my photos to mark the day hahaha! I’m wearing a Forever21 jersey emerald green dress with my ANN KLEIN red pumps, Mac Red Lipstick and New Balance glasses. I’ll link everything I can, or similar items below for ya’ll!


Any of you momma’s out there feel different when hitting your 30s? Let me know, or any cool, unique celebrations held for ya’ll?

xo Jennifer

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  1. Reading this post was like me talking about myself and not finishing what I start also. Happy late 30th! Love this photo shoot idea, that dress looks great on you and I am loving the ballons :))

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