Fitting In Date-Night

May 26, 2016


With everything going on with housework, bible studies, kid activities, diaper changes etc.. my husband and I could not find time for date-night. He works full-time so any little time I get with him is great to have. And I mean alone time (no kids).

We got to talking and I came up with a great idea to fit it in! My sister is literally my next door neighbor. Babysitting is always an issue for us, as I’m sure most of you can relate. I don’t just leave my kids with anyone. So I decided to ask my sister if she wanted my husband and I to babysit for her and her husband once every 2 weeks so that they could have their date-night. And then they could do the same for us! Our kids get along great so it was an easy idea!

So date-nights began and I was really excited! It was working out great. Eventually it stopped because not only did I get pregnant, but other things happened that just didn’t allow it. Now that I have my 2 week old at home and my other 2 kids, I’m recovering and getting the hang of life again…lol. So I will mention this to my sister again when I’m feeling better. I definitely recommend it! Please share with me any ideas on how you fit in “date-night”! I would love to hear them! Thanks for stopping by!

Jenni C.

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